RAAVS Annual Conference

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Registration: 8:15a.m.
@ Rochester Institute of Technology

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This valuable conference is designed to present ideas and strategies to help meet the needs of those who are responsible for the recruitment, retention, and management of volunteers in their programs.
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 March 1st – first day of Spring
 the March equinox, gradual lengthening of days
 St. Patrick’s Day
 National Women’s History Week
 Great time of year to recruit volunteers

Personally, I’m looking forward to the first two, going to celebrate the next two and utilize the whole month on the last!

RAAVS is Turning 30!

It seems like just yesterday that we were in disbelief that RAAVS could be celebrating its Silver Anniversary and turning 25. Now here we are knocking on 30. Yes, Rochester Area Administrators of Volunteer Services has been serving the Rochester volunteer community for 30 years. It was 1984, Ronald Regan was president and would be elected to a second term, Michael Jackson was starring in Pepsi commercials, Sally Field won the Oscar for Places in the Heart and made her famous speech “You really like me,” and Ghostbusters was the top movie.

The Holidays are Upon Us

The Holidays are upon us, we are focused on shopping, holiday parties, spending time with our family and friends. It’s a time to rejoice and be thankful but it is also a time to appreciate and thank all the volunteers out there that make it possible for; making sure that meals are delivered all year long, driving people to medical appointments, working in local food pantries and serving food in local shelters, visiting with people at hospitals, nursing homes or in their own homes. I could be here all day listing all the wonderful things that the volunteers do in all of our communities.

RAAVS Social Events- you should be a part of them!

By: Julie Malley
Manager, Volunteer Services and Logistics
Meals on Wheels
Visiting Nurse Service

Service Hours

By: Tina Bennett

Manager of  Volunteer Services 

CP Rochester

Thinking Outside of the Box

This year’s annual RAAVS conference theme was “Thinking Outside of the Box”. We are all creatures of habit, and become accustom to doing our jobs the same, day in and day out. Thinking Outside of the box will show us other ways that might benefit some changes on how we do things. The three guest speakers for the conference were able to provide us some enlightening stories or ideas to help us think outside of the box of our normal routines.


Meet the Thinkers!


Showing Appreciation for Volunteers

Julie Malley
Manager, Volunteer Services and Logistics
Meals on Wheels
Visiting Nurse Service

Volunteers are the Heart

By Joan Rohr
Birthright of Rochester, Inc
Executive Director

Happy New Year!

By Shaun Hakiel
Regional Response Manager
American Red Cross
Finger Lakes NY Region


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